1. Provider’s ID
    • The Private Company named «FOUR STARS PRIVATE COMPANY», with the distinctive title «FOUR STARS P.C.», based in Nea Karia of Municipality of Chrisoupoli in Kavala, with V.A.T.: 801137167 and General Commercial Registry number: 149952130000, hereinafter for the sake of brevity called as «the Company».
  2. Field of Application
    • The current rental terms and conditions apply to all service contracts, that are concluded remotely through the website
    • The current rental terms and conditions also apply in all cases where Greek Law refers to the provision of the services as remotely concluded.
    • The terms and conditions may be modified whenever without prior notice to the Consumers. In any case the modified terms will not apply retroactively.
  3. Provision of the Services
    • Company’s services consist of the provision of tourism services, car, motorcycle and recreational crafts rental, as well as car rental with a driver.
    • Conclusion time of the service contract: From the selection of the «Order with obligation to pay» button.
  4. Fee
    • The fees as reflected on the current website do not include V.A.T. 24%.
  5. Payment methods
    • Bank deposit: Pre-payment of the whole fee in the Company’s bank account.
    • Payment in cash at the time of the vehicle’s reception.
  6. Specific rental terms
    • Vehicle Categories
      • Category A: Ford Fiesta
      • Category B: Fiat Panda
    • Driving Licence
      • The Consumers, who wish to rent a car, motorcycle or recreational craft should have at their disposal the relevant driving licence.
      • Minimum driver age limit for any rental is twenty – three (23) years.
      • The driver shall have a driving licence that is in force and issued at least one (1) year before the rental.
    • Second driver
      • It is possible for a second driver to use the vehicle during the rental. The details of the second driver shall be declared to the Company, before the vehicle’s rental and the Driver shall satisfy the requirements of the paragraph 6.2.
    • Permitted areas
      • The rental of all vehicles applies exclusively to travels within the Greek territory.
      • The passage of the vehicles abroad is explicitly prohibited.
      • The boarding of the vehicles on a ship is allowed upon the express written permission of the Company.
    • Guarantee
      • For any vehicle rental within the Greek territory, the Company will commit an amount as a guarantee from the credit/debit card declared by the Consumer, depending on the category of the rental vehicle. Especially:
        • Category A: 550,00 euros
        • Category B: 650,00 euros
      • The Consumer will be refunded in full for the guaranteed amount after the termination of the rental, provided that the specific rental terms have been met. The release of the amount guaranteed may be performed up to two ( 2 ) days after the termination of the rental.
      • In the event of an accident contrary to the provisions of the Highway Code or under the sole responsibility of the Driver, the guaranteed amount will be retained by the Company as a refund, subject to further claims.
    • Infringements – Fines – Administrative Penalties
      • During any vehicle’s rental, all violations, incurring fines or other administrative penalties, are charged in full to the Consumer.
    • Insurance
      • All vehicles and their authorized drivers are insured on civil liability against third parties for death, material damages and physical injuries.
      • Roadside Assistance: The roadside assistance and the accident care are provided 24 hours a day. In the event of vehicle’s immobilization due to low battery level, a charge is applied for the transport to the nearest authorized repair garage, which burdens the Consumer.
    • Exclusion of liability
      • In accordance with the insurance contract.
    • Exceptions to the insurance protection
      • In accordance with the insurance contract.
      • From the afore mentioned insurance protection, the personal items of the Driver and the Passengers are excluded, as their loss exclusively burdens the Consumer.
    • Charging policy for fuels
      • Before the delivery of the vehicle to the Consumer, the exact amount of fuel in the vehicle’s tank is recorded. The Consumer shall return the vehicle with the exact amount of fuel received, as reflected on the rental agreement.
        • In case that the Consumer does not return the vehicle with the indicated amount of fuel, he will be charged with the value of the remaining consumed fuel, in addition to the amount of four (4,00) euros per remaining litre.
        • In any case, if the Consumer returns the vehicle with a larger amount of fuel than indicated, can not ask for a refund.
      • The Consumer shall use the exact type of fuel, indicated to him by the Company.
    • Correct use of the Vehicle
      • The Consumer shall drive with prudence and diligence, as well as comply with all the established rules of driving behaviour, arising from the Highway Code, as it applies, and other specific Laws and Regulations. In each case the following apply:
        • The transport of third parties, other than those registered as passengers, is prohibited, with or without remuneration.
        • The use of safety belt is compulsory both for the Driver and the Passengers.
        • Smoking inside the vehicle is prohibited, either driving or parking.
        • The observance of every urban or non – urban speed limit is compulsory.
        • The consumption of any amount of alcohol is prohibited, before, after or while driving and in any case until the return of the vehicle.
        • The use of illegal substances is prohibited, before, after or while driving and in any case until the return of the vehicle.
        • The use of mobile phones is prohibited while driving.
      • Maximum vehicle use
        • The maximum daily use of the vehicle is up to one hundred fifty (150) kilometres.
        • In case of a rental, the validity of which is monthly, the maximum use is up to three thousand (3.000) kilometres.
        • In case of exceeding the afore mentioned maximum limits of use, the Company may impose additional charges.
      • Delivery – Collection of the Vehicle
        • Both the delivery and the collection of the Vehicle take place at the Company’s premises.
          • In case that the Consumer wishes to deliver or receive the vehicle in a different location, he must inform the Company, before the conclusion of the rental agreement, about the place and the time of the delivery or the collection, and obtain the explicit approval of the Company.
          • The delivery and the collection of the vehicle in a place other than the Company’s premises is charged additionally, according to the Company’s evaluation.
        • Additional car accessories
          • The addition of car accessories on the rental vehicle burdens the Consumer. Particularly:
            • GPS: Charge two ( 2 ) euros per rental day.
            • Child car seats: Charge two ( 2 ) euros per day.
            • Non-slippery chains: Charge five ( 5 ) euros per day.
  1. Passenger car rental with a driver
    • The passenger cars are leased via a total lease agreement by a reservation of minimum duration of three (3) hours.
    • The minimum rental fee for the passenger cars leased with a driver through reservation with a relevant agreement of a three (3) hour minimum duration is ninety (90) euros.
      • The Company may adjust the afore mentioned fee depending on its evaluation.
      • In case that the afore mentioned total agreement is terminated before the minimum duration of three (3) hours is completed, the agreed fee burdens the Consumer.
  1. Withdrawal – Cancellation
    • On car, motorcycle and other motor vehicles rental agreements, which are considered as travel services, the Consumer is not provided with the withdrawal right within fourteen (14) calendar days without giving any explanation, according to the provision of par. 3ζ of article 3α of the Ministerial Decision 5338/2018.
    • Cancellation of reservations
      • The Consumer may cancel his reservation by contacting the Company via email or upon phone contact.
      • For cancellations made the same day with the reservation date, the Consumer will not be charged with any booking fee.
        • In the event of a pre-paid rental package, the Company will return the total amount paid to the Consumer, by using the same means of payment with the Consumer.
          • Any costs incurred by the transaction, are charged to the Consumer in any case.
        • For cancellations made up to three (3) days before the reservation date, the Consumer will be charged with a booking fee of  20 euros. The remaining amount will be returned to the Consumer by the Company, using the same means of payment.
          • Any costs incurred by the transaction, are charged to the Consumer in any case.
        • For cancellations made in the period of three (3) days before the reservation date, the Consumer will be charged with a booking fee that corresponds to the half of the total value of the reservation.
        • In case that the Consumer does not cancel his reservation and receive the vehicle on the agreed reservation date, then the Company will retain the whole amount paid as a refund.
  1. Intellectual Property rights
    • The content of the platform (including texts, graphics, images, photographs and software) is the intellectual property of the Administrator.
    • It is prohibited, in whole or in part, to republish and generally reproduce and retransmit the contents of the web site, storage, retransmission in electronic or mechanical or any other form, in the original or in a translation or other adaptation and modification of its form, content and appearance, without the written permission of the Administrator.
    • The display of the material on the platform should not in any way be construed as a transfer or grant of a license or right to use or exploit it.
  2. Third party Intellectual Property
    • Trademarks, logos and third party designs, owned by third parties remain their property and may not be used without the permission of their owners.
  3. Data Protection Policy
    • As reflected on the Website
    • By filling out personal data on this website, you indicate that you have this natural person’s authorization to provide it to the Company.
  4. The Company supports alternative dispute resolution through the European Union’s out-of-court platform:
  5. Code of Conduct for E-Commerce
  6. Jurisdiction
    • For any dispute arising from the application and the execution of the current terms, the Courts of Kavala shall be solely competent.
  7. Applicable law
    • Applicable shall be the Greek Law.